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People to Meet

Privately meet with some of Israel's most interesting characters

Rabbi Ken Spiro

Tour the City of David or go underground in Jerusalem to explore the latest discoveries and see how they align with the Bible with Israel’s pre-eminent Jewish historian.  Rabbi Spiro is one of Israel's leading historians. He is a well known author, historian, tour guide and Rabbi. Discover hidden spots of the Old City of Jerusalem on a private tour.

Rabbi spiro.jpeg

Rabbi Ari Abramowitz

Discover the breathtaking Arizona like views from Ari’s farm and retreat center just 30 minutes south of Jerusalem. Rabbi Ari Abramowitz is a film maker, educator, and the host of the popular "Israel Inspired Radio" on iTunes. He is an advocate for Israel both domestically and internationally leading to his candidacy for the Knesset in the Jewish Home political party during the last elections.

Alex Traiman

Have coffee with Alex, Managing Director and Jerusalem Bureau Chief for the Jewish New Syndicate.  Alex has written extensively and produced awarding winning films on challenges across the Middle East and has finger on the pulse on the latest political developments.

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Dr. Harold Rhode

Have lunch with the leading authority on Islamic Affairs who has advised past Presidents and who can provide unique insights and untangle the stories on Iran, Turkey and the Muslim world and the implications for Israel and the west.

Rabbi Ephraim Shore

Rabbi Ephraim Shore loves to explore Israel on his bicycle, the more remote, the better.  Additionally Ephraim was a Rabbi and Director at Aish HaTorah, Jerusalem's prmier outreach center.  He would love to show you some amazing places you probably haven't seen in Israel on a bicycle (urban or backcountry) and you can have the added benefit of some wonderful conversations about the future of the Jewish people from an expert.

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