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Ranger Gary's Favorite Hikes

There are thousands of amazing hikes all of over Israel. Come with Ranger Gary on his favorite hikes to some of Israel's hidden gems.. Whether is scenic hikes by the sea or water hikes in the north, see the natural beauty Israel has to offer.

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Sea View

Cliffs of Arsuf

Breathtaking cliff hill along overlooking the Mediterranean with option for a picnic dinner or swim in a beach on a trail less traveled.

Mountain Lake

Golan Heights Water Hikes

Hike and swim Gary’s favourite waters in the Gallil and Golan

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Desert Road

Ein Avdat Canyon

Hike the Ein Avdat canyon trail. It may be one of the most beautiful in all of Israel.  Amazing carved slot canyon with caves carved into the walls, greenery and amazing beauty.

Hiking Path in Forest

Jerusalem Forest Hike

Experience the forest solitude of Israel on a hidden hike 20 minutes from Jerusalem.

Ranger Gary's Favorite Hikes: Tours
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