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Ranger Gary's Favorite Things

Build your own trip to Israel

These are Ranger Gary's favorite people places and tours in Israel. Find one you like? Contact us and we will arrange a tour!

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On the Trail

People to See

The people of Israel are what make this country alive. Here are some of the most unique and interesting characters you'll find in all of Israel. You can have a private tour or one on one educational experience with leading Rabbis, writers, specialty guides and other leaders of Israel.

Specialty Tours

Walk the footsteps of Joshua or the battles of King David. See where the words come to life. We'll spend a day driving and hiking around the country seeing the places described in the Bible including the archaeological evidence. This is where religionthe Bible comes alive.

Ranger Gary's Favorite Hikes

There are thousands of amazing hikes all of over Israel. Come with Ranger Gary on his favorite hikes to some of Israel's hidden gems.. Whether it is scenic hike overlooking the sea, a desert hike in the south or a water hike in the north, see the amazing natural beauty Israel has to offer.

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